Things to Do

The South District is home to Terry Trueblood Recreation Area, Wetherby Park, Fair Meadows Park, Whispering Meadows Wetlands, Napoleon Park and softball fields, Iowa City Kickers Soccer Complex, the Sycamore Greenway, bike trails, Little Free Libraries, green spaces and is located next to a commercial district to shop.

Diversity Market

The goal of this summer “pop-up” market is to bring together and elevate BIPOC-owned and/or woman-owned entrepreneurs, artisans and others looking for a spot to shine and sell their products & services! Another goal is to increase access to a neighborhood marketplace for South District residents and other folks throughout the Iowa City area to come shop and enjoy our side of town!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a vendor, please complete our Vendor Application due by June 5th, 2021.

Coming Soon: Vendor Handbook!

Bike to Books: A Free Little Library Adventure

A map of Free Little Libraries in the South District.

Participants are invited to discover new places to bike and to visit Little Free Libraries throughout the South District Neighborhood in Iowa City. Little Free Library is the world’s largest book sharing movement. The idea is you can borrow a book and leave books in the library structures throughout the world! It builds community, sparks creativity and inspires engagement. This ​Bike to Books ​encourages active living as it joins forces with the South District Neighborhood Association, Iowa City Biking Community, and the City of Iowa City.

Teach a Child to Ride a Bicycle

Riding a bike does more than just give children a fun experience—it can serve as a first step toward independence. It also provides exercise, not to mention a great way to go places!

Caregivers can help children, as early as age 3, become confident riders of two-wheeled bicycles. With this guide, written by South District resident Bob Oppliger and Connie Szabo Schmucker, caregivers can help children become successful bicyclists in as little as several days. Some children, however, will need more time. Be patient.