A History of Neighbors

In 2018, active residents from several neighborhood associations throughout Iowa City’s southeast side united the Pepperwood, Wetherby, Grant Wood, and South Pointe neighborhoods into one unified district: The South District Neighborhood Association.

The South District Neighborhood, one of many Iowa City neighborhood associations, is an all-volunteer, no-dues organization that comprises neighbors, community allies and partners and businesses working together to stay informed and collaborating to encourage positive community engagement prioritizing what is happening within the South District area.

Our Focus

Connect residents with each other and to the neighborhood

Share county, city and neighborhood information, services, resources and news

Advocate for residents needs, ideas, concerns and questions

Build and maintain neighborhood identity through traditions and initiatives 

We seek to stay connected to the greater Iowa City area while also serving our fellow South District neighbors–residents, businesses, nonprofits, organizations and churches.

For more information please attend one of our neighborhood meetings or email
southdistrictneighborhood@gmail.com.  Email is checked by the Leadership Committee and response times vary depending on members' day-job schedules and family commitments.

We look forward to meeting and learning more about your South District establishment.

Current Officers

All officers and at-large positions are filled by South District Neighborhood residents.  

  • President: Angie Jordan
  • Vice President: Eric Harris
  • Secretary: Autumn McConeghey
  • Treasurer: (vacant; this position gives a brief income and expense report every other month at Neighborhood Meetings).  
  • At-Large: Kelcey Patrick-Feree, Elinor Levin
  • Committees

    Residents and allies are encouraged to learn more and join one of the following committees.  Bring your ideas, skills, passion and energy together with a team of folks looking to create the change they seek.  

  • Leadership Committee (must be a South District resident) 
    • Meets every other fourth Tuesday of the month from 6 to 7 p.m.
    • Chair: Angie Jordan
  • Neighborhood Engagement Committee 
    • Meets first Thursday of the month 5 to 6 p.m.
    • Co-Chairs: Gabe Martin & Angie Jordan
  • Arts Initiative Committee
    • Meets every third Saturday of the month 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Chair: Jessica Bovey 
  • Neighborhood Event Committee:
    • Meets fourth Wednesday of the month 6 to 7 p.m.
    • Chair: Angie Jordan
  • Communication Committee (ad hoc) TBD
  • Grant Writing Committee (ad hoc) TBD
  • Voter Registration Committee (ad hoc) TBD

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Neighborhood Calendar

Want to see what's going on around us? Have an upcoming event you'd like to share? Find what you need


Iowa City Weekly Update
May 8, 2023

Iowa City Weekly Update
April 5, 2023

Iowa City Weekly Update

Annual Events

National Night Out: an opportunity for residents and first responders to come together in the neighborhood and have fun a during non-emergency times! First responders include the Iowa City Fire DepartmentIowa City Police Department and Johnson County Ambulance Services

Fall Harvest: residents are invited to a neighborhood, fall dinner where we come together around food and fun in the spirit of gratitude.

Winter Gear Drive & Collection: local businesses, churches and nonprofits team up to collect new and gently used youth and adult size winter gear–boots, snow pants, jackets, long sleeve, warm pants and socks–then during the late fall and early winter we team up to distribute to folks and families in the neighborhood who need gear to get through these cold Iowa winters.

Team Up to Clean Up: South District residents, community partners, allies, business, churches and nonprofits come together to beautify our shared spaces throughout the neighborhood. We plant spring bulbs, weed, water, mulch and pick up trash to be the change we seek!

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Meet Us

Our Neighborhood Meetings, open to South District residents and members, are held on the fourth Tuesday every other month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Dream City, 611 Southgate Ave., Iowa City.

These meetings are a safe space created for and by our neighborhood residents to share information and provide open discussion about resources, opportunities and issues that serve and impact our neighborhood. 

You can read all our past minutes HERE.

Allies, businesses, churches, nonprofits and other partners are welcome to attend and share during the meeting's Community Announcement part of the agenda.  Please note that South District residents and members' voices are prioritized during these meetings. 

Please use the form below to join the email list.  We also have a Facebook page that we update regularly to promote activities, events and news.

Learn more and stay up to date on our FaceBook Page (click on icon).