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Neighborhood volunteers paint a mural along Broadway Street in Iowa City.

The South District Neighborhood is an all-volunteer, no-dues organization that comprises neighbors, community allies and partners and businesses working together to stay informed & collaborating to encourage positive community engagement on Iowa City’s southeast side. Our diverse and vibrant neighborhoods are south of Highway 6 and stretch east from the Iowa River.

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South District Neighborhood Association

South District Neighborhood Association

This Neighborhood Association is comprised of neighbors working together to stay informed & collaborate on ways to encourage positive community engagement.

This is your Diversity Market Team that came together each with a set of different, complementary skills and networks, each playing a different role and each pooling their individual resources around a shared goal of elevating marginalized entrepreneurs in the South District Neighborhood in Iowa City. This is only the beginning…Imagine a sustainable business hub, imagine a business incubation and acceleration center, imagine a thriving, resilient neighborhood that embraces the diversity within and continues to welcome everyone near and far!*Tasha Lard, JD beauty supply & CR Transit Driver *Angie Jordan, South District Neighborhood Association & Founder of The Banjo Knits Project *Marlén Mendoz, LULAC League of United Latin Americans, Co-Founder of Colectivo de Mujeres en Negocios *Fred Newell, Lead Pastor Kingdom Center , Executive Director of Dream City, & ICCSD Employee *Maurice Gray, Director of Facilities at Dream City, (not pictured)*Tracy Jon Sargeant, Founder of Multicultural Development Center of Iowa & Cyber Security Engineer Specialist See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 5:26 pm  ·  

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Celebration is an important thing to create time for, and so too is gaining feedback to improve the next Diversity Market season. All vendors present were held accountable to be the change they continue to seek by providing their thoughts on things the liked and thought we as a team could improve upon. We are a force, mighty, intelligent, graceful and strong AND no ONE person or organization can do this Mountain Moving alone. And NO ONE CAN READ YOUR MIND–Share your Truths to be part of the conversation and action! Your ideas are gold. Your vulnerability IS your strength, embrace it and pick up that microphone (or marker), no one else can do that for you… See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 5:15 pm  ·  

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Over 30 Vendors at the Diversity Market’s pilot season–it filled up in less than 2 weeks. Imagine what it’ll be once we invest more time, resources, and energy into the next season! Stay tuned. For now, go ahead, CLAP FOR THESE incredible folks who joined together to pull off something many said could not be done. Big shout out to the MIGHTY vendors and also to the many volunteers, sponsors and the team made up of South District Neighborhood Association JD beauty supply LULAC Kingdom Center Dream City & Multicultural Development Center of Iowa. Together we can accomplish SO much more than anyone might even imagine… See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 4:58 pm  ·  

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Diversity Market Vendor Appreciation Awards & Dinner Celebration–Without their bravery to come out each Saturday this pilot season, this new pop-up South District Neighborhood tradition would not have been a success.We intentionally took time to give thanks to the vendors, and also to the volunteers, sponsors, and the market team made up of South District Neighborhood Association JD beauty supply LULAC Kingdom Center Iowa Dream City & Multicultural Development Center of Iowa.It’s important to note that even before the very first market in mid June, Selina Gunn of Selina’s Creations suggested we make sure to carve out time to celebrate at the end of the Diversity Market with a dinner, and she catered it spectacularly! Here are just some of the images of what true collaboration looks like when it is achieves what it sets out to do. Here’s a glimpse of what it is when one rises how we all rise. To take steps forward we need to take moments like these to inhale, exhale, smile and high-five each other. We need to prioritize building relationships, trust, communication and joy with our teammates as it is a huge part of investing in the movement of mountains together. Thank you vendors again and again for being the change you seek in this world.Stay tuned as Multicultural Development Center of Iowa at Kingdom Center and Dream City launches a business incubation and accelerator program to sustainably link and wrap support around more courageous entrepreneurs here in the South District Neighborhood and beyond! See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 4:20 pm  ·  

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More Diversity Market pics thanks to Multicultural Development Center of Iowa’s Tracy Jon! See MoreSee Less

July 31st, 3:36 pm  ·  

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